Warrenton Grocery

The Warrenton Grocery is a small town country store has been in business since the 1860s till this present day. Old wooden floors that with the sound of a shoe heel echo's a "down-home-Country-Style Business" with a family's friendly "howdy" and "Guten Tag!". Housed in the store was the Warrenton Community Post Office which was managed by Doris Eckermann. The quaint ornate and old-fashioned decorative mailboxes are an antique hunter's delight! And equipped with traditional swinging old original screen door so all customers can feel right at home today, or imagine like it was more than 100 years ago! It has been owned and operated by three different generations of families. This unique grocery store originally began by the German-American Neese family in the 1800s, and was later managed by the Max Zapp Family and was then sold to the Leonhardt family. The Warrenton Grocery is now operated by the Eckermann family. The store offers for it's customers groceries, gas and diesel[24 hours outside with credit card at gas and diesel pump], drinks, M.G. Feeds, and the Texas Lottery. Around the last weekend of March and first week of April, and in the last weekend of September and the first week of October is the semi annual Antique Fair. The store is located at 4309 South State Hwy 237. Warrenton, Texas, and is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Mondays thru Saturdays: six days a week

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